The Future of Work

Social, economic and technological changes are shaping how and where we work. The pandemic was a catalyst for change and the evolution continues, whether that’s with automation, sustainability or flexibility. One thing is for certain, the job for life and the 9-5 is no more! ‘The Future of Work’ showcases the companies and thought leaders at the forefront of change. Our new podcast episode asks our experts how we can navigate the future of work, especially with the rise of AI and the far-reaching implications that comes with it.

Watch below to find out what industry thought leaders, Professor Sarah Harper CBE, Irene Graham OBE and Peter Cheese see as their vision for the future of work.

Director, Oxford Institute of Population Ageing

CEO, ScaleUp Institute

CEO, CIPD - The professional body for HR and people development

Partner Films

Reimagining the workspace

In the post pandemic age, it’s time to rethink how we use the office. Arcadis are working with companies to create bespoke workspaces to best fit their vision.

Investing in people and automation

Find out how logistics company DHL are investing in people as well as automation – and with sustainable technology, how they are aiming to be a carbon negative company for a greener future.

How chatbots are evolving

Freshworks provide modern software solutions for businesses. Find out how a new generation of AI chatbots work alongside people to get the best engagement for companies and their customers.

Shaping the office of the future

Flexibility is a growing trend in the way we work, and The Office Group provides a new generation of office spaces using natural and sustainable wood to foster a environment that promotes productivity as well as wellbeing.

Putting people at the heart of a business

The world of HR is becoming more complex and more innovative post pandemic. Find out how the Personio HR software solution uses effective operational systems to enable organisations to put the focus on their employees work life.

Navigating the future of work in a digital age

Wipro support businesses in order to help them adapt to the future of work. Find out why it is cultural and sustainable changes as well as technological ones that are beneficial for businesses to stay ahead.

Thought Leader Films

The UK has an ageing population, we are living longer and will be retiring later – but how will this impact the world of work? Professor Sarah Harper from the Oxford Institute of Population Ageing gives her insights into why it will become more usual for people to be working into their 70s. We discuss the challenges ahead such as ageism – but we’ll find out why in an age of AI, there is some good news for the over 50s.

Discussing the rise of remote working, the role of technology and why work should be good for us, Irene Graham from the Scale Up Institute, and Peter Cheese from CIPD – the professional body for HR and people development – delve into the forces shaping the jobs of today and tomorrow.


In the second episode of our ITN Business Extra podcast series, television presenter and journalist, Duncan Golestani is joined by Anna Thomas from the Institute for the Future of Work, Julian Birkinshaw, from the London Business School and Nick Hedderman, from Microsoft UK. He asks them the question we all want to know – with the rapid rise of AI in the workplace, what will this mean for jobs and what can we do to future proof ourselves? They also discuss different ways of working – whether hybrid, flexible or 4-day weeks – and what it means to different generations.

Julian Birkinshaw - Vice Dean and Professor of Strategy & Entrepreneurship 
Nick Hedderman - Senior Director, Modern Work Business Group, Microsoft UK  
Anna Thomas - Co-Founder and Director, Institute for the Future of Work  

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